The Club’s fitness facility includes the following state of the art cardio equipment including:

  • Treadmills
  • Recumbent/Stationary Bikes
  • Eliptical Machines
  • Stairmasters/Stepmills

Each piece of equipment is linked to Cardio Theater for your enjoyment.
In addition, our free weight area is well stocked and includes Hammer Strength equipment. We also offer MedX circuit training.
Every member is entitled to a FREE NutriFit appointment.


Your scheduled NutriFit Analysis will cover the following:
Introduce you to the Fitness Department!
Discuss any Injuries or Health concerns.
Analyze your current eating habits and exercise program, to make sure they are safe and effective to attaining your fitness goals.
Measure your body composition and help you set realistic and attainable goals.
Answer any questions you have regarding fitness and nutrition.
Show you options how you can receive additional instruction to help you succeed in attaining your fitness goals.
Following the NutriFit Analysis you will be scheduled with one of our Fitness Professionals for a one-on-one session to receive outstanding instruction on the floor!
Our goal here in the Fitness Department is to help you attain your fitness goal! We will basically help you take the guess work out of getting from point A to Z!

I look forward to meeting with you. For any reason you cannot make your appointment please contact us.